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Do you know why most families are now planning to go to Exotic Destinations and enjoy the Peace and Tranquility of Green Forests, to Almost Get Lost in the Wilderness, to be Awed by the Majesty of Ghats, to be Fascinated by the Lush Green Valleys, to get Excited by the Entrancing Waterfalls, to listen to the Chirping of the Early Morning Birds, to Follow the Track of Wild Elephants, to Sing around the CampFire under the Starry Night Sky.... To run away.... Oh! to run away from the Greed and Madness of City Life....
Come! Come back Secretly to the Lap of Mother Nature Today!... to the Enchanting Wayanad... to find Solace in Nature... To return to your YouthFul Days...

We offer you the Best Resorts in Wayanad - CountyPep Resorts and one of the Best Homestays in Wayanad- That is MistyMount Homestay... They are affordable Accommodation for Visiting Travelers to Wayanad.

Shelter, Food, Guide, Campfire, Car Rentals Everything can be arranged... Call us now!

Resorts and Homestays in Kerala

Unlike Business Travelers who like to stay in Business Class Hotels during their stay in Metropolitan cities, Leisure Travelers to Kerala prefer Resorts or Homestays.

While most families who are concerned about Safety, and those who would like to stay in Homey atmosphere and wish to get guidance from Local Hosts, prefer to stay in Homestays. However, when you stay in Resorts, you may get more privacy and independency. Some group visitors, College or School Escursion Teams or Married couple etc may prefer to stay in a Resort Accommodation for various reasons.

We offer both Homestay and Resorts in Wayanad.

Best Homestay in Wayanad - Misty Mount

MistyMount Homestay Accommodation facility is technically a Homestay with amenities of a Resort Accommodation. Please note we dont provide Spa Service at our Wayanad Homestay. However, we facilitate Ayurvedic treatment (NOT JUST Oil Massage) for Guests in CountyPep Resorts, by experienced Traditional Ayurveda Vaidyans (= Traditional Kerala Ayurvedic Doctors). A few years back, some of the High-end Travelers stayed at Star Hotels, Expensive Luxury Resorts etc in Wayanad and else where in Kerala. However, now-a-days, there are hundreds of Affordable Accommodations which offer value for money Service to Visiting Travelers.

Best Resorts in Wayanad - County Pep

CountyPep Wayanad Resorts has enormous facilities as stipulated by the Tourism Department of Kerala. The building has been constructed perfectly in harmony with nature. County-Pep is extravagantly spacious and well-Ventilated, has dazzling bedrooms with ample privacy. Special Arrangement for Ayurvedic Treatment, High speed Internet, Sightseeing Arrangements-Night Safari, Jeep Safari, Cooking Classes etc are part of the Services at CountyPep Resorts Wayanad.

Read more about different types of Accommodation at these links -- Paying Guests and Service Apartments
Homestays and Paying Guest Accommodations

Accommodation in Wayanad

MistyMount and CountyPep offer clean, well-furnished and aesthetically designed accommodation equipped with amenities such as Single and Double bedrooms with attached bathrooms, Homely Indian Food, hot and cold water, Internet Facilities Dining room , living rooms, Kitchen, transportation facility for site seeing, Prayer hall, Campfire, Car Parking. Each Room is really gifted with an entrance to sit out and well furnished drawing rooms. To know more about the amenities of MistyMount Homestay in Wayanad OR CountyPep Resorts Wayanad, Please visit the links

The Wayanad Tourism

The district Wayanad in Kerala is really a tourist paradise. Kuruva Island, Tholpetty and Muthanga wildlife sanctuaries , Thirunelly, and Valliyoorkavu Temples , Soochippara and Meenmutty waterfalls, Edakkal Caves, Pookode lake , Banasurasagar Dam, Chembra Peak etc.. are some of the tourist attractions in wayanad.

Guest Houses in Wayanad Hill Resorts in Gods Own Country Kerala

MistyMount Homestay and CountyPep Resorts are located at the serene village, Payyampally in Wayanad District. It is very close to the prominent tourist centres and gives easy access to the major cities. It is on the way to Kuruva Island, Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, Thirunelly, Nagarhole Animal Park, Iruppu Water Falls, Mysore, Ootty and only just 10 Kms to the eye-catching Coorg district. Misty Mount Homestay and CountyPep Resorts are truly a holidaymakers' heaven in Wayanad!!

Warning: From 6th May 2014 to 8th May 2014. (Issued by Meteorological Department, India )

Please

Considering the environmental conditions, Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) model guidance and synoptic analysis, the well marked low pressure area over Comorin area would intensify further into a depression by tomorrow and move northwestwards initially during next 48 hrs and recurve thereafter north- northeastwards.

Expected Weather:
Squally winds speed reaching 40-50 kmph gusting to 60 kmph would prevail along and off south Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Lakshadweep during next 48 hrs.

Fishermen along and off these coasts are advised not to venture into sea during this period.

Rainfall at many places with isolated heavy rainfall would occur over Kerala and south Tamil Nadu during next 24 hrs and intensity would increase thereafter with Government of India Ministry of Earth Sciences India Meteorological Department Earth System Science Organisation rainfall at most places and heavy to very heavy rainfall at a few places during subsequent 24 hrs.

Rainfall at many places with isolated heavy rainfall would occur over coastal and south interior Karnataka during 7th and 8th May.

Rainfall at most places with isolated heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur over Western Ghats area of Kerala & Karnataka and Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu during next 48 hrs.

Weather Forecast Ends here.(updated on 6th May 2014) --------------------

Note added by Though, Kerala receives good summer rain on most days during the last one week or so, there is absolutely no rain till evening 5.30pm/ 6.00pm. However, it is not advisable to travel during storms. It is perfectly okay to travel to Wayanad, as soon as this spell of summer rain is over. We recommend you to travel to Wayanad after 8th May 2014. (updated on 6th May 2014.)

Video cameras are not allowed inside Kuruva Island. Special permission is required from Forest Department to use Video cameras. However Still photography is still allowed inside Kuruva Island. (Updated on 6th May 2014)

Kuruva Island is open to the Travelers from the 11th of November. This is informed by Wayanad Tourism Promotion Council.(WDTPC)

However, Meenmutty Waterfalls is not opened to visitors. Meenmutty is closed for almost one year now. It is the forest department which has to take decision on when travelers will be allowed to visit Meenmutty waterfalls. (This note is added on 26th Nov, 2013.)

As stated earlier, now there is very good weather in Kerala and it is perfect condition for Travelers to visit Wayanad. The rain has almost stopped. This year, during the North West Monsoon, it rained only for 3 or 4 days during the day time. Remember, the Northwest monsoon is not very active in Kerala. Even on those days when cyclones hit India's eastern coast, there is not much rain in Kerala. The days are pleasant and sunny. It is not unbearably hot.

Compared to South-West Monsoon (June- to Aug), North-East monsoon (Oct- Nov) is always weaker in Kerala. But Eastern Coast of Tamil Nadu gets good rain during this period. Normally North - East Monsoon showers only in the afternoons and nights. That is why Kerala's Tourism Season starts during this period. Not very hot, but no heavy rain. You can comfortably travel during the forenoons, you plan your Tour in such a way that you are back at your guest house before 5 or 6 pm in the evening. Look back to this space for more update on weather.

Last few lines are added on 5th October 2013 but a few words are edited on 26th Nov. 2013.

Wild Elephant Attacks a Jeep in Wayanad. This is a scene from the World Famous Wayanad's Wild Life Sanctuary at Tholpetty. BackPack to Wayanad Today!!!... Unique & unforgettable experiences and wild encounters are waiting for you!!!...Take back Great Nostalgic Memories...(courtesy : Youtube-

Please Remember that Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary is just 10 Kilometer from Our Most Comfortable Wayanad Resorts. We guide you to explore the most fascinating WildLife of Wayanad... Stay with us!!!

We offer discerning visitors the unique opportunity of experiencing life with a local family but with the privacy and a level of service afforded by the best boutique hotels. MistyMount Homestay Wayanad and CountyPep Resorts Wayanad are the perfect choices for guests looking for a relaxed holiday in beautiful and peaceful surroundings, right in the lap of nature. Misty Mount opens doors to a whole new world, where living is perfectly harmonized with nature.